Due to its fabric feature, it does not burn easily and does not deform.
The bottom of the fabric is reinforced with 3 Profiles.
Ferrari Fabric is attached with 53 Clips. It does not cause sagging or tearing.
32 Different Color Combinations can be selected for Special Orders. You can design your own concept.
Stackable (25 pcs)
is more durable due to ultrasound welding
Easy to clean, stain resistant.
its supported design, doesn't tip over, when it is sat to the tip
Produced by copp
A special gas injection system is used and strengthened on the feet. Maintains balance when seated in the front
It can be used both in the sand and at the poolside with the double wheels on the right and left sides.
Stackable (Easy Storage)
Production mold technology is approved by the international S.G.S. institution.
Special rubber base is fixed in the ground part of the foot part.
It is capable of carrying up to 100 kg weight.
The back part has four movements and provides ease of use.
Comfortable for a long time usage.
  • iso 90001 - iso 140001 - iso 180001

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