Jet 80-M Electric Doner Kebab Knife

Jet 80-M Electric Doner Kebab Knife


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Jet series doner knife , which provide perfect and easy cutting. Jet series are the biggest helpers of Doner Kebab masters with their ergonomic structure and low power consumption. All of our products, which are produced in accordance with the food regulations, are offered to their users in accordance with international procedures and processes. It`s designed for gyro , shawarma and doner slicing.

Jet 80- M Automatic Doner Kebab Shawarma Gyros Knife

180°C heat resistant plastic body suitable for food and health codex.

Cover in contact with meat AISI 304 L Cr-Ni stainless steel

Ø80mm circular and saw blade

Thickness adjustment of doner meat between 0.1 - 10 mm

10 - 100 days/kg cutting capacity

Fast, easy and serial slicing with ergonomic structure

Hygienic, safe and long-lasting


Box Dimensions: W150 x D250 x H300 mm

Weight (Knife): 940 gr

Weight (Complete): 4000 gr


Electrical Energy:12 volt / 220 /110 volt (Conforming to World Standards)

Motor power: 90 watts


JET 80-M Automatic Doner Knife

Power resource

2 Pieces 80mm disc blades

Diamond knife sharpener


Blade stabilizer pin

Spare blade clamping bolt

Backup insurance

User manual - Warranty certificate
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