Waste Box Smart Eco-Friendly 70-80 Lt

• Manufactured from high quality plastic original raw material. Therefore, there is no color change.
• It is resistant to breakage thanks to its flexibility.
• It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is washable, reusable and well resistant to weather conditions such as rain and sun.
• Thanks to its anti-static feature, it does not hold dust and is very easy to clean.
• You can personalize the product as you wish with special foil labels or turn it into a pedal waste box suitable for the type of waste.
• Pedals with a wall thickness of 3mm make the product more durable than its counterparts, the pedals are connected to the cover by passing through the body and do not adversely affect the aesthetics of the product.
• The product can be moved ergonomically when it is full, thanks to the hidden wheels on the rear floor.
• It is designed for use in hotels, public institutions, schools, hospitals and other indoor and outdoor places. As part of the waste exemption, according to the waste regulation:

• Blue piggy bank is used for paper waste.
• Green piggy bank is used for glass waste.
• Yellow piggy bank is used for plastic waste.
• Gray piggy bank is used for metal waste.
• Brown piggy bank is used for organic waste.
• Black piggy bank is used for other (unusable) wastes.
• Product dimensions: Width 390 mm / Length 480 mm / Height 750 mm / 70 liters
  • ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 18001

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