Garbage Container 660 Lt

• Container volume 660 liters.
• Raw material High density polyethylene (HDPE).
• The container has 4 wheels, 2 pieces with 360° rotating brake and 2 pieces 360° rotating without brake, with a lid and can be easily transported.
• The wall thickness of the container is 5.6 mm (+/-0.2 mm), the empty weight is 43 kg (+/-5%) kg, the garbage collection capacity is 300 kg at most.
• Resistant to UV rays.
• Wheel bodies are made of polypropylene material and the tires on it are resistant to all weather conditions.
• The wheel axle shaft is galvanized.
• Containers are made of odorless, easy-to-clean material that will not be affected by sunlight, and contain no alcohol, yeast, vinegar, spirit of salt, acid, ammonia, etc. It is not affected by corrosive chemicals.
• It is resistant to falling thanks to the expolymer additive used during the manufacture of the container body. In addition, leakage, cracking and splitting situations are not encountered.
• Container wheels are 200 mm in diameter.
• Maximum carrying capacity of the wheels is 300 kg.
• Side lift arms are made of 16 mm diameter galvanized material.
• Since the welds of the side lift arms are made from the inner surface, there is no trace of welding from the outer surface.
• The sheets of the side lift arms are 2 mm thick and galvanized.
• The measurements given above are approximate and there may be +/- 5% deviation in the measurements.
• Optional features you can add to the container:
• It can be a metal pedal for opening the cover. Spring pedal can be used for slow closing of the door.
• Cover version can be made inside the cover.
• The bottom of the garbage container may have a drain plug or no plug.
• Optionally, metal handles or plastic trunnions can be attached to the handles.
• Again, there are applications such as labels, serigraphic printing, cliché printing that you can customize on demand.
  • ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 18001

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