INOKSCLEAN Cleaning and Hygiene Products

INOKSCLEAN Cleaning and Hygiene Products

M100.Industrial Dishwasher Detergent
M101.Industrial Rinse Aid
M102.Hand Dishwashing Detergent
M103.Oven Cleaning Agent
M104.Hood Oil Remover
M105.Stainless Steel Polish
M106.Dishwasher Lime Cleaning and Care Agent
M107.Heavy Dirt and Oil Remover
M109.Fruit Vegetable Cleaning and Hygiene Agent

G100. Floor Cleaning and Care Product (Alcohol Based)
G101. General Cleaning Agent
G102. Glass Cleaning Agent
G103. Cleaning and Care Agent for Polished Surfaces
G104.Mineral Liquid Scouring Agent
G106.Ultra Consistent Bleach
G108.Toilet Bowl Cleaner
G109.Lime and Cement Cleaning Agent After Construction
G110.Bathroom and Armature Cleaning Agent
G113.Effective Lime and Rust Remover
G114.Soap Based Wood Cleaning Agent
G116.Carpet Shampoo (Adjustable Foam)
G118.Intense Perfumed Surface Cleaning Agent
G121.Furniture Cleaning and Care Material

L200.Low Foaming Additive Main Washing Agent
L201.Additive-Free Main Wash Detergent
L202.Chlorinated Powder Auxiliary Washing Agent
L203.Auxiliary Washing Agent for Cooked and Heavy Dirt
L204.Oxygenated Powder Auxiliary Washing Agent
L205.Foam Controlled Matic Detergent with Bleach
L207.Non-Bleach Main Washing Agent
L208.Laundry Softener
L209.Bleaching Main Washing Agent Containing Taed and Enzyme
L212.Laundry and Air Freshener
L213.Lime and Rust Remover Stain Remover
L215.Batikon Stain Remover For Textile
L216.Textile Oil and Ink Remover
L217.Textile Rust Remover
L218.Textile Regional Stain Remover
L219.Textile Tannin Remover
L220.Textile Oil and Tar Remover

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