Service Trolleys - SAA-85

* Multi-purpose, handy, substantive and reliable use.
* Made of low density polyethylene which is suitable for food and harmless for human health, recyclable and environmentally friendly.
* Monobloc construction along with handle and shelves which make the trolley highly impact resistance.
* Injected with 38 – 40 kg/m3 density CFC-free polyurethane between the internal and external walls making a double wall handling more weight.
* Easy movement between tables due to 2 swivel wheels and 2 wheels with brakes.
* To be used more efficiently, it must be equipped with cutlery and waste bins
* Easy to clean
* It won’t crack, chip or break.
* It is not suitable for use under the sun and carrying a hot GN container.
* Open back side.

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