Water boiler on grid automatic filling system

Water boiler on grid automatic filling system


*Our water boilers are CE certified.

*It is test reported according to international production standards IEC 60335-2-47.

*Our boilers are guaranteed for 1 year.

*All the electric group parts used in our boilers such as plug-in cables, resistors, thermostats, etc... are TSE (Turkish standard institution) and VDE certified and supplied from companies that manufacture in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.

*Special cables resistant to 300°C are used in the electrical circuits in all of our products.

*All the machines we manufacture are packed after they are checked by the quality control team against air pressure and water leaks.

*Our water boilers are produced of Premium stainless steel.

* The square water boiler machine should be installed on-grid system as how the washing machines and dishwashers are being connected.

* The machine has a stainless float system which maintains food safety.

*When the water level in the machine is not enough, the automatic float system transfers the required amount of water to the boiler. Every half liter of water reduction, the system is activated again and adds water. Thus, the needed amount of water is constantly in the machine.

*There is an automatic float switch in the machine body. If the automatic water filling feature is desired to be turned off, the float system can be disabled by turning the switch to the manual position.

External cabinet: This is the section that holds the main body of the water machine and its electrical parts. The reason of using an external cabinet in this coffee machine is to increase safety and protect the machine from external influences, to save energy and to give a longer life service.

The external cabinet is static oven painted yet it can be all stainless steel or painted with different colours and logos

These machines can be especially produced according to the needs of buyers, 2 teapots or 3 faucitis etc…

Technical Sections and Features:

* Water boiler’s metal faucets: easy to use, durable special taps that have been developed by Damga Makina Company.

* Water boiler’s carrying handles: the carrying handles are designed by our company to reduce heat conductivity.

* Water boiler’s automatic heat thermostat: the water temperature remains constant due to the thermostat, it grants energy saving.

* Water boiler’s resistance: stainless shock tube resistance is used. Thanks to the safety system controlling the temperature of the resistance, resistance failures due to dehydration are prevented.

* Water boiler’s additional middle part: this part placed in the machines; gives the possibility of using an upper teapot.

13 liters (120 cıps): 1 teapot
23 liters (250 cups) 2 teapot
40 liters (400 cups) 3 teapot
50 liters (500 cups) 4 teapot. Upper teapots are added to the price.

* Water boiler’s dropper: which is used to keep the counter clean while serving.

* Water boiler’s gaskets: heat-resistant silicone gaskets are used in the assembly of the machine, which prevents water leaks.
  • *Our water boilers are CE certified.
  • *It is test reported according to international production standards IEC 60335-2-47.

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