KMS Endüstriyel

KMS-7000 Cutlery Dryer Polisher Machine

KMS 7000 Takım silme makinası
It dries and polishes an average of 7000 pieces of washed cutlery in one hour makes them hygienic with an ultraviolet lamp and ready to serve.
Sterilizes bacteria and viruses It provides 99% hygiene.
Saves time and labor costs.

Product Code: KMS-7000
Production: The Machine is Produced from 304 Quality Stainless Steel.
Capacity: 7000 Pieces / 1 Hour
Electric: 220 V 50 Hz.
Weight: 60 Kg.
Dimensions: 82x60x60 cm
Electricity Consumption: 0.7 KW / 1 Hour
Guarantee: Our Machines Have 2 Years Warranty and They are CE Documented.
500W Heating Resistance is Used in the Machine.
8W UV Germ Killer Lamp is Used in the Machine.
The Material Providing Drying and Brightening in the Machine is a Herbal Product. It is Completely Natural.
  • -Trademark Registration Certificate -CE Certification -EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY FOLLOWING EUROPEAN DIRECTIVES 2006/42/EC MACHINERY SAFETY, 2006/95/EC LOW VOLTAGE EQUIPMENT. -Ministry of Agriculture Corn Granule Analysis Report.

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