Our company was founded by mechanical engineer Sedat BAYKAL and mechanical engineer Behçet Mercan GÖZEGİR in 1979. Our company’s activity includes the production and trading of the equipments that are required for INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN / PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN. Established by our founding partners in 1979 and assuming the title ÇÖZÜM MUTFAK SAN & TIC A.Ş. in 1990, our company is one of the foremost, leading manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment in Turkey. Our products are marketed with the registered brand names Arisco and Çözüm At our production facilities we manufacture more than 2500 models of professional kitchen equipment possessing CE test reports and certificates covering the relevant European Union norms. Our company is continually improving and changing, keeping track of the latest technologies and maintaining production with policies that are innovative and environmentally aware. Our products all have the following essential features: They are very safe, they use less energy, less detergent, less water; they produce less waste water, create less noise, do not harm nature and the environment; they make life easy and are easy to use, easy to maintain, economic, and they are in compliance with European Union norms. To date, our company has installed “TURN-KEY” professional kitchen facilities serving hot-cold-neutral food and beverages in more than 3000 hotels, motels, holiday villages, restaurants, cafeterias, franchised food and drink and restaurant chains, schools, hostels, crèches, factories, hospitals, construction sites, rest and training facilities across the world. These facilities are provided with pre-sales and after-sales services as well as technical services through a service organization made up of more than 80 authorized service centers spread throughout every geographical region in the country. Apart from its TURNKEY projects, our company has been attending international fairs since 2004 and has begun to build and expand its distributor sales network in the international markets. Having a place in today’s export markets, our company has achieved this success thanks to its policy of manufacturing all its products starting with its dish washing machines, cookers and hot and cold service units in accordance with international standards and competition. Besides export,our domestic sales are effectuated by nearly 350 dealers in every geographical region of the country. Our exports now make up more than 65% of our net sales. Our company is proud of the positive EXPORT contribution that we have consistently made to the country’s economy over the years. Our export activities are carried out using more than 270 distributors in more than 80 countries in different regions across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East (from Russia in the north to the Republic of South Africa in the south, from Vietnam in the east to Portugal in the west). Our product portfolio for the export and domestic markets includes: More than 4000 different items including cookers,ranges,gas wok cookers,fry top,lava char grill, gas vapor grill, bainmarie, deep fat fryer,pasta cooker,tilting pan,boiling pan,stock pot stove,glass washer,dishwasher, ,hot-cold-neutral service units, hot-cold-neutral banquet units, various stainless steel work surfaces, shelves, racks,hoods etc. as well as ancillary machines and equipment. The distributors and users that prefer our ÇÖZÜM and ARISCO brand products experience the satisfaction and the joy of having delivered our products, which are appreciated internationally for their high quality, at competitive prices. ÇÖZÜM MUTFAK SAN & TİC A.Ş. will continue to produce and market quality products as long as it exists.
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