ThermoBox, Model: TCB-600

Rotational-molded (roto-molded) technology ensure impact resistance and long-term
Made of low density polyethylene which is suitable for food and harmless for human health.
Food grade LLDPE material, eco-friendly, non-toxic, UV resistant, both hot and cold
resistant, corrosion-resistant, recyclable.
Designed for Gastronom container GN Standart. There are 12 shelving, Shell range is 30 mm.
One-piece, seamless construction, have no seams to fail, leak-proof.
Injected 38 - 40 kg/m³ density polyurethane (CFC - FREE) between internal and external
walls by producing double wall. Thick (2.3'') polyurethane insulation layer, longer heat
retention effect.
Produced as monoblock al one-time which increases durability.
Polyethylene door swings open 270° to the left side so helps reduce risk of cross
All screws are stainless steel AISI 304 quality.
Door are with hinges and latches made of unbreakable Nylon PA6.
The ergonomic handles are equipped on different safety height which makes the
transportation more convenient, even it is being fully loaded with food.
Designed stackable for easy transportation and carriage.
Front loading, Resistance -40°C and +100°C.
For hot meals, it loses 1,5 degrees per hour and heats up 1 degree for cold meals. Round
door silicone gasket made by FDA approved silicone raw material.
It is very durable because of the raw material and manufacturing technique used the
a body such that no need any extra protection.

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