Zero Waste Box 70 Lt Gray

• Manufactured from high quality plastic original raw material. Therefore, there is no color change.
• It is resistant to breakage thanks to its flexibility.
• It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it is washable, reusable and well resistant to weather conditions such as rain and sun.
• Thanks to its anti-static feature, it does not hold dust and is very easy to clean.
• You can personalize the product as you wish with special foil labels or turn it into a waste bin suitable for the type of waste.
• It is designed to be used in hotels, public institutions, schools, hospitals and other indoor-outdoor places. As part of the waste exemption, according to the waste regulation:

• Blue piggy bank is used for paper waste.
• Green piggy bank is used for glass waste.
• Yellow piggy bank is used for plastic waste.
• Gray piggy bank is used for metal waste.
• Brown piggy bank is used for organic waste.
• Black piggy bank is used for other (unusable) wastes.
  • ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 18001

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