Top loading thermoBox : TCB-200C

* Made by rotational-molding (roto-molded) technology that ensures impact resistance and long-term durability
* Made of low density polyethylene which is suitable for food and harmless for human health
* Food grade LLDPE material which is eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, UV resistant, resistant to both heat, cold and corrosion
* Designed for standard GASTRONORM containers
* One-piece seamless construction which makes it leak-proof
* Injected with 38 – 40 kg/m3 density CFC-free polyurethane between the internal and external walls making a double wall. Thick polyurethane insulation layer (2.3”) for a longer heat-retention effect
* Monobloc construction with no seams for increased durability
* All screws are made by AISI 304 stainless steel
* Door is equipped with hinges and latches made of unbreakable PA6 Nylon
* The monobloc ergonomic handles are fixed in a convenient height making transportation easier even if when the thermobox is fully charged with food
* Stackable design for easy transportation and carriage
* Top Loading. Heat resistance from -40 to +100 °C
* For hot meals it loses 1.5 degree per hour and heats up 1 degree for cold meals
* Very durable construction due to the raw material and the body manufacturing technique with no need for extra protection

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